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Hurt in a Car Accident? See if You May Be Eligible For a Huge Cash Settlement. If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay!

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Did you just get into a car accident that you are sure wasn’t your fault? It’s a pain but we have to move forward with the next steps. Sometimes, we think that we can go through the process by ourselves without the help of a lawyer. This is particularly true when we’re sure that we weren’t at fault. However, things start becoming more complex as we explore the legal process.

You may think that everything will work out in your favor after being in a car incident that wasn’t your fault, but the opposite might be true. Your hope may start to decline when you go to court without an attorney while the offending party is fully represented.

The simple fact is that you must ensure that you put yourself in the best position possible. Getting a lawyer can help you prove that you weren’t on the wrong side of the law in any accidents.

At times, accident situations may appear as if it’s clear cut. It may make you feel as if you don’t need to seek legal counsel when it’s clear that the car incident was not your fault. However, a New York car accident attorney can help you navigate key court procedures by guiding you through the process of filing the claim against the negligent driver. Remember, being in a car incident that was caused by the other party’s negligence could frustrate and stress you out, and may place you in a different state of mind.

Here is what you need to know to get the services of a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t your fault.


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What is The Rule of Thumb When Hiring an Attorney for a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

When legal matters come up, in a situation like this, you might be worried about how it will play out. You may think that the accident attorney will have a significant negative impact on your finances for a mistake you did not commit. However, you must think about the weight of the matter at hand.

Remember, the proficient automobile accident lawyer is not there to merely take your hard-earned money without giving anything in return. Further, they’re not there to put your precious time to waste. In essence, the car accident lawyer you are hiring could have litigated thousands of accidents.

Nonetheless, the question remains:

Should you get a lawyer for a car incident in New York City that wasn’t your fault?

When dealing with car accidents, you must hold this as one core rule of thumb: You have the liberty to submit the claim if you want to have fair compensation.

However, you should hire a car incident attorney whenever you sustain serious injuries in a car accident that was far from your fault. In this case, we use the term “serious” to point out the possibility that the car accident may cause you to miss time from work. It may also cause other issues that relate to your health or finances.

The insurance provider of you or the responsible party could be a great partner any time you realize that you only sustained a few scratches or damage to your vehicle. The insurance company will help you settle the costs associated with repairing the damages to your car.


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A Car Crash Attorney Can Help in New York City for Various Types of Car Accidents

Even though your insurer will help when paying for repairs, they are limited to a range of professional restrictions. For instance, the other party’s insurance firm may not be the best when it comes to compensating you for the bodily harm you sustained from the accident, for obvious reasons.


The Insurance Company and Dealing with a New York Car Accident

For instance, insurance companies want to minimize their liabilities across the board. If they’re able to find ways to minimize your overall compensation, they are likely to do so.

They are interested in preserving their assets and minimizing their liabilities. As you can see, paying out a larger claim is not necessarily a part of the plan for insurance companies in New York City. That is where your motor vehicle accidents attorney comes into the picture and ensures that you’re able to get what you deserve in car accidents that were not your fault.

This shows why the insurance company will take you through a series of stress tests against the policyholder in the best way they can, by pouring through the ambiguities presented in your police report and medical records. Remember the insurance company will side with its policyholder and will try as much as possible to limit the amount paid out for your injuries and damages.

Whose Fault is it in The Auto Accident?

The next point will cover traffic collisions, you have to watch for situations where the other driver may contest or protest who is really at fault in the matter.

Whether you’re dealing with a truck driver in New York City or dealing with other motor vehicle collisions, the other parties have an incentive to find ways to minimize their obligations as well. Minimizing their obligations can help them reach a favorable outcome that’s in their best interest over the short term.

Other parties in motor vehicle collisions may try their best to find ways to make it seem as if it’s your fault. That’s where a police report and witnesses in New York City will help in your case.

It’s best to ensure you have all of the information collected, neutral witnesses, and other elements in Queens, New York to have the best outcome in a traffic collision case. The more evidence and information you have on your side during the insurance claim process, the better off you will be.

Whether you suffered a personal injury or suffered from other issues due to a car crash, turning to a competent professional attorney at Gregory Spektor & Associates can make a significant difference in your New York case.

The Attorney Helps Take More Control of Your Case In New York

In such scenarios, your car accident lawyer could help any time you want them to initiate a thorough assessment of the total value of the overall case and advocate for your right to be compensated.

Just like the insurance company will owe their policyholder a fiduciary duty, your car accident lawyer will have a fiduciary duty to you. In this case, the car incident attorney will ensure that you get the necessary compensation for the time you lost at work, the pain and suffering you were forced to endure, and the medical expenses you’ve incurred after the accident.


What the Lawyer Will Do

Everyone deserves compensation after getting into a car crash that was not their fault. Thankfully, the law makes it a requirement for people to be held accountable for the harm they cause to other entities. This shows why you must always obtain the services of a New York accident lawyer when you realize that you were not at fault in an incident.

Why would you want to obtain a car crash lawyer? The lawyer serves multiple roles in this event, most of all they stand by your side and ensure that you obtain what you deserve in such a situation.

Here’s what your accident lawyer will do:

  • The lawyer will help you to determine the amount of compensation to claim.
  • Your accident lawyer will act as a bridge between you and the institution that is supposed to make the necessary compensation.
  • In essence, the accident lawyer will help you deal with a wide range of legal matters while helping you enhance the chances of getting what you rightfully deserve when seeking compensation.
  • They will assess and collate the well-itemized bill for the expenses you incurred for the healthcare expenses associated with the accident or the mechanical estimates of the damages that your crash incurred.
  • Nonetheless, such things may not give a clear scope of your financial burden. Your crash lawyer will act as a critical guide and advisor on the compensation you will need to collect.


Here is a list of financial claims that the accident lawyer will draft on your behalf:

  • The punitive damages associated with the incident
  •  The wages lost while you were dealing with the issue
  •  The pain and suffering you have gone through in relation to the accident (your accident lawyer has the professional training needed to quantify your pain and suffering into monetary equivalents)
  • Your reduced earning capacity


This list of tasks is what your lawyer is there for. The accident lawyer will go above and beyond to ensure that your outcome is preferable and is in line with your expectations.

It is essential to note that your lawyer is there to make sure that you do not waste your time or your resources in pursuing what is rightfully yours.

Remember to engage the right crash lawyer as they will look into the case at hand and make a professionally informed decision on the types of damages in line with your case.


The Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Gather the Necessary Pieces of Evidence After A Consultation

You may not have the expertise to gather the pieces of evidence that will help you move through a car accident case successfully. However, your car crash lawyer could come in handy whenever you want to engage a person to conduct this comprehensive duty.

Here are the pieces of evidence that your crash lawyer will gather to use in the case:

  • Videos and photographs revealing what transpired at the scene of the accident
  • A statement from the at-fault entity 
  • Surveillance footage from the traffic department
  • Your medical records 
  • Statements from the witnesses
  • Police reports


The Car Crash Lawyer Will Provide Proof That the Other Party Was at Fault When the Accident Occurred

Remember, your car accident lawyer is professionally trained to use the pieces of evidence at his disposal to provide proof in your defense, and to prove that the other driver was at fault when the accident occurred. As such, he will use the evidence to reveal the other driver’s liability.

The fact is car accidents can result in lawsuits due to death or grave injuries like paralysis, disability, and other issues that may occur in the situation. This is why it is necessary to work with the right law professional who understands the laws and will be there for you in this trying time.

Here is how the lawyer will use the pieces of evidence at hand:

  • Showing that the other driver should have presented himself in a manner to keep you safe before the accident
  • Providing proof that you actually suffered injuries as well as other forms of harm like financial and emotional losses from the accident
  • Showing how the other driver’s ignorance and negligence caused you harm


The Accident Lawyer Will Demonstrate The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

Apart from demonstrating that the accident was caused by the other driver’s acts of ignorance and negligence, your car accident lawyer will demonstrate that you are not to blame.

Your representative will note that the accident wasn’t your fault. Here, the accident lawyer will be quite valuable in you being able to recover the necessary damages.

Remember, some states in the US make it a requirement for an accident victim to get the necessary compensation for damages if their fault in the accident was 50% or less. The car accident lawyer will stand with you to ensure that your fault is reduced to the least possible percentage.

Similarly, remember that you may lose your deserved compensation if another party states that you were at fault in the car accident. Also remember that the insurance company will always try to assign all blame to you even in instances where there’s evidence that you did not do anything wrong.

However, the accident lawyer at firms like Gregory Spektor & Associates in New York will help you provide proof to both the insurance provider and the court that you were not at fault and the other driver is to blame for the accident.

The injury lawyer will reach out to his professional resources to utilize experts who will testify in support of the claims you will make in court. Such high-level pieces of evidence may include an engineer’s review of the causes of injuries and possible digital reconstruction of the accident scene.


The Car Accident Lawyer Will Advocate for Your Case and Assist You to Arrive at a Favorable Settlement

Remember that all insurance firms exist to make a profit. Here are a few facts you must know.

First, even in instances where there’s no entity to claim that you were at fault when the accident occurred, the insurer is most likely to offer you the least amount they think is reasonably acceptable.

While the deal could be enticing, it is likely that you may not be adequately aware of the appropriate amount you should be compensated considering the damages you have faced.

In this case, the insurer will take advantage of your inability to quote a professionally guided amount as you may lack the professional experience needed to handle personal injury claims. Your accident lawyer could help you move through these tricky insurance waters with great ease.

Second, most of the insurance companies will use terms like “this is the only amount I am legally obliged to offer as compensation for claims of this nature”. In essence, they’ll use these statements with the view that you will finally give up and leave them alone after the meager compensation.

Your car accident lawyer will look into such circumstances by approaching the insurer for a review of the proposed amount to reach a deal that gives a better figure for the losses you incurred during the accident. In some cases, the insurer will seek to negotiate the settlement with an accident lawyer rather than going through the process.

In many cases, people use the exorbitant cost of hiring a lawyer as a clear reason to pursue a car accident claim on their own. But that may be an issue in New York or other places due to the evolving nature of the situation.


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Remember, your lawyer will be an active and effective advocate. But, you must understand that not all accident lawyers are the same. It would be a great idea to approach an established law firm with experienced lawyers who will know what they are doing. Also, make sure the accident lawyer you engage in your lawsuit has both the financial and time resources necessary to offer you fair treatment as the case proceeds.

Now, you know that hiring an accident lawyer at firms like Gregory Spektor & Associates Law will always be the best decision you can make for a car accident that was not your fault. The lawyer will help you navigate through the case while ensuring you are granted the compensation you deserve.

However, never make the mistake of calling the insurance company before talking to your lawyer even when you are sure that you aren’t at fault. Remember, the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible.

You will need a law professional in New York City like Gregory Spektor & Associates that can minimize issues and gain control of the aftermath of the crash in New York City.

Find out how we help you obtain the compensation that you deserve in Queens and surrounding locations in New York City. Our personal injury professionals help you with a free consultation to learn more about the personal injury or motor vehicle accident in New York you had.

Reach out to us today to ensure you can move past your crash and obtain what is rightfully yours.

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