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Dzhamshed Mannonov, Esq.

Dzhamshed Mannonov, Esq. earned his law degree in 2004 upon successful completion of studies and defending a thesis on International Human Rights with marks of excellence at Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics.

He worked for the United Nations Development Program’s regional project as a national coordinator and a human rights expert, where he provided people with knowledge about their rights and how to protect them. He also worked as a journalist for one of the leading private news agencies in Tajikistan.

Dzhamshed’s academic background, professional career and life experiences led him to advance himself in law profession in the United States and enabled him to earn a Master of Laws Degree at Brooklyn Law School.

Dzhamshed had a privilege and honor to be taught by Professor Aaron Twerski who is a preeminent authority in the areas of products liability and tort law in the nation.

Dzhamshed has earned a reputation as reliable, loyal, and very detail-oriented attorney who will go above and beyond to fight for his clients’ rights.

He is admitted to practice law in the State of New York.