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Hurt in a Car Accident? See if You May Be Eligible For a Huge Cash Settlement. If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay!

Speakers – Gregory Spektor & Michael Levitis

Michael Levitis 00:06
Hi everybody, this is Michael Levitis from, a legal network. And I just had to I had this week to bring back Gregory Spektor, a personal injury attorney. Because something crazy happens. News that I read in New York Post. And I want Gregory’s take on it. Gregory, I know you’re in the middle of trials right now. But I had to pull you in for a few minutes. Just answer this. I read a crazy headline, I’m gonna read you the headline, GEICO Insurance Company ordered to pay $5.2 million to woman who claims she caught an STD for those who don’t know, sexually transmitted disease during sex in a car. Gregory, Geico is an insurance company that covers you for claims if you get hit by another car, if you get injured because your driver did something you were passenger. I never knew from having sex in the car. You can sue the insurance carrier for the car and recover millions of dollars for HPV. What do you think?

Gregory Spektor 01:23
Well, thank you for having me. First of all, I’ll be honest with you. This doesn’t make much sense to me. I know that this was this particular case, of course, everybody saw the headline, I don’t know how many people actually read the article, I skim through the article, I saw that it happened in Missouri. And that’s where I basically have to, you know, plead ignorance. Because I do not know Missouri law. It would not be possible in the state of New York, because you’re correct. In the state of New York, for someone to collect. insurance compensation for injury, sustained as a result of negligence of the owner of the driver of this vehicle would have to somehow have to do with operation or maintenance,. So was he negligent in operation? I don’t see that was negligent in the maintenance of the vehicle? Possibly.

Michael Levitis 02:41
Gregory, what if he was driving the car in the middle of the sexual act? And that’s how she caught STD. Maybe that’s how she recovered $5.2 million?

Gregory Spektor 02:58
Where this is why we don’t live with Missouri. I don’t know what’s going on.

Michael Levitis 03:07
Look, God bless America. In this country, you can sue anybody for anything. And Missouri, you actually could win.

Gregory Spektor 03:16
But I think I think that Geico is gonna deal with it as they can, from what I understand it was not really a verdict, a trial, it was an arbitration award, which at least in New York makes that that much more difficult to appeal because arbitrations are usually considered Administrative Court and then have to prove that that decision was outrageous and arbitrary. Which to me, it looks that way. Right. But luck, good luck to both of them. I’m not. GEICO is a huge company. They do business in every state. I’m sure they know how to protect themselves. And I’m sure that the justice will be served.

Michael Levitis 03:59
Yeah, I mean, look, we’re usually we’re all for the good guys. The good guys mean that attorneys who try to recover money for victims of car accidents, who try to make them whole for their injuries, but sometimes this is just going beyond the pale and it’s uncalled for, I think gives a bad name to some attorneys in Missouri who prosecute this, but who knows? Bottom line is this if you have a real injury, if you were in the car accidents while the vehicle is being operated. Please call attorneys, Gregory Spekto and Associates, they’re gonna evaluate your case to see if it’s serious if it’s worthwhile, and if it is, I’m sure Gregory can do his best to get a maximum recovery. Thank you. I apologize for making you turning red, the session. But once a while. I think it’s appropriate, everybody. Thank you. We appreciate it. Thank you for your time until next time take care bye everybody.

Gregory Spektor 05:04
bye bye

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