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If you’ve ever worked a construction job, you understand there are inherent risks working in this industry. If you’ve been injured in a New York construction accident and are now considering returning, this is one of the most significant steps in fully recovering. Failing to return to work when you’re actually ready and able can affect your financial situation as well as your prospects for recovery. To make the process as smooth as possible, make sure you avoid these common mistakes upon returning to work after a job injury.

Don’t Go Until You’re Ready

The healing process can take a long time but the simple fact is, you have a legal right to rest and make a full recovery. Employers and insurance companies have a financial incentive to get you back on the job sooner. When you start making money again, they can stop paying your workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, injured workers report that they are pressured into returning to the job before they think they are physically capable. This type of pressure is unacceptable. In addition to doctor’s clearance, make sure you feel ready to return to work both physically and mentally.

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Keep A Copy Of Your Restrictions At Work

A return to an active work life can actually help you get better faster. It will increase your income, benefits, and allow you to reconnect with work friends and strengthen your mental state. But – there are limitations. If your doctor has given you a list of restrictions including types of physical labor or situations you should avoid while transitioning back into the workspace, you should keep a copy of this with you at all times. Share with your employer and colleagues so they are well aware of your current limitations.

Do Not Do Work Which Exceeds The Restrictions

Even if you’re feeling good that day or perhaps there’s pressure to get something accomplished by your manager, you must continue to politely decline and show your list of restrictions. If your manager continues to ask you to perform work duties your doctor has not cleared you for, contact your workers’ compensation attorney.

If You Find You’re Unable To Work

As you are transitioning back to full time work and find that even with the restrictions you are unable to perform the job you once did, it’s important to know your legal rights. Make sure that you are represented by a lawyer who is an expert in the field and can provide you with proper legal advice and support.

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