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Dangerous Intersection in New York City Car Accident Lawyer

It’s hard to describe how valuable cars are to the world. Everyone knows that vehicles enable individuals to go from point A to Point B with more efficiency. Indeed, travel that would have taken two days in the past now only takes a few hours. In most cases, individuals can get to where they want to go in New York City and other areas without serious injury due to serious car accidents.

But that is not always true for all individuals in New York City.

Motor vehicle accidents in New York City can certainly take place and bring about serious injury to those involved in these incidents. While auto accidents do exist in New York City and surrounding areas should not deter you from using this medium, it is necessary to know where motor vehicle accidents occur.

This awareness of the frequency of car accidents at specific locations in New York City can help you gain further knowledge about areas in New York City that are prone to car accidents.

Whether you have recently moved to New York City or grown-up among the streets of the Big Apple, you may have heard about the most dangerous intersections in New York City and the type of risks they bring to the table.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT), almost half of all traffic injuries in the country occur through intersections. When you look further into the statistics, it’s not hard to find that about one-quarter of traffic accident-related fatalities also stem from intersections. That is why you must take these interconnected roads in New York City and their associated hazards to your safety quite seriously.

Whether you drive to work every day or take your car for weekly nights out, knowing about these road accident risks in New York City allows you to be more cautious. This provides you with a way to be safer on the road and covers you from the potential financial damage from accidents. In turn, you can minimize your chances of hiring a road accident lawyer New York City residents turn towards in dire situations.

If you want to be careful while driving around New York City and surrounding boroughs, here’s a lowdown on the city’s most dangerous intersections for auto accidents. By learning the causes behind potentially dangerous intersections and specific places notorious for road accidents, you can increase your chances of staying safe through your drives and walks alike.

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What Type of Factors Make For Dangerous Intersections in NYC?

Intersections are crucial to connecting different roads, pathways, areas, and people. If it was not for crossroads and quick turns, we might have a world of trouble getting from point A to point B. With that being said, the availability of interconnected roads also makes way for road accident risks in NYC.

If the road conditions are stressful, traffic signals are not properly placed, or traffic rules are not followed, this could cause cars coming from different directions to collide with each other. In many cases, these can also lead to pedestrian injuries that are brought on by vehicular impacts.

Since New York City is full of intersections, this also makes the city and its boroughs a running risk for road injuries. While you can find the required legal support through a road accident lawyer NYC residents trust with their concerns, it is better to practice caution and steer clear of any problems as much as possible.


Which Intersections Have the Most Road Accident Risks in NYC?

Across the boroughs of Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, you can find an array of places classified as the most dangerous intersections in NYC for road accidents. These places earn this status due to the frequency of road accidents around them and get reported to the authorities.

When you have informed knowledge about certain intersections being riskier than others for road safety, you can decrease your chances of encountering road accident risks in NYC. This allows you to be safer on the road, whether you are going by your usual commute or driving a loved one to their destination.

With this in mind, here’s a list of the most dangerous intersections for road accidents in NYC.

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Atlantic Ave Intersection for Accidents

Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Informally dubbed the Avenue of Death, the streets of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn are considered extremely risky for road accidents. This especially holds for pedestrians, who run the risk of being hit by a car every time they dare to cross the road.

It becomes important for those injured to call a road accident lawyer NYC residents to rely upon. If someone loses a loved one in a road accident, it falls upon their family to seek justice through legal means.

Some of the most glaring risk factors for this area include broad roads and little to no maintenance of speed limits. If you happen to be walking along Atlantic Avenue at any part of the day, make sure to be extra cautious about your safety. In case you are driving, make it a point to be respectful towards the security of pedestrians.


8th Ave Intersection Car Accident Lawyer

8th Avenue, Manhattan

When searching for the most dangerous intersections in NYC, you are bound to stumble upon 8th Avenue in Manhattan. This Midtown location is notorious for seeing several car crashes within a year. In some cases, they are not even weeks apart.

From truck accidents to cab crashes, the area seems to spell out bad luck in bold letters for all types of motorists. This also holds true for pedestrians, who are not safe from these road accident risks in NYC. Due to these reasons, 8th Avenue stands out in a glaringly bad light regarding road safety.

Whether you are driving your car around or taking a walk by the pavement, ensure to be extra careful around this particular intersection. This allows you to steer clear of various risk factors while lowering your chances of contacting a road accident lawyer NYC residents rely upon.


Hylan Blvd Auto Accident Attorney New York

Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island

While driving through Hylan Boulevard, you can expect one of the following things to happen: You may either drive past the location uneventfully; hear about a recent accident; witness an accident yourself or get involved in one. It is because the intersection is not only one of the most popular streets in Staten Island, but also has the status of seeing a high frequency of car crashes.

According to local reports, Hylan Boulevard has accounted for 1/3 of all Staten Island traffic deaths for almost a decade. This is no small statistic, which is why it makes the area one of the most dangerous intersections in NYC. This also calls for you to practice caution whenever you are driving or walking through the roads of Hylan Boulevard.

One of the most common factors contributing to the road’s poor safety is non-adherence to advised speed limits. In case you have to travel through the road, make sure that you are paying attention to your speed and the cars moving around you.


Baxter St. New York Accident Attorney

Baxter Street, Queens

While learning about road accident risks in NYC, you cannot overlook the significance of the Baxter Street intersection. Connecting to Broadway, the area boasts of busy streets. But with the onslaught of traffic, it also brings about dangers of speeding cars and vulnerable pedestrians.

According to local reports, the intersection has seen over 21 reported road accident cases since January 2019. This makes it one of the most dangerous intersections in NYC for road accidents.

Those who get injured in a Baxter Street road accident often hire a road accident lawyer NYC residents to rely upon for tricky court cases. From there, it is a complex journey of gathering evidence and arguing cases to the pertinent insurance companies and courts of law alike. If you live near Broadway or have any work arrangements in the area, you need to be attentive to your surroundings while passing Baxter Street.


The Grand Concourse Intersection New York

Grand Concourse, Bronx

When looking for dangerous intersections in the Big Apple, you cannot complete the list without the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Anyone who lives in the neighborhood can tell you that the intersection is notorious for road safety and affects motorists and pedestrians who have to take this route.

The area is infamous for various road accidents ranging from hit and runs to multiple vehicle incidents. In all types of cases, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians risk being significantly injured. Similar to other road accident risks in NYC, these incidents could result in lifelong disabilities or death.

While you can seek medical help and pursue legal action against those who were negligent about your safety, practicing caution is one of the best approaches for you to stay safe. With this in mind, ensure to avoid the route altogether or be attentive while driving through it.


Tillary St. New York Car Accident Lawyer

Tillary Street, Brooklyn

The intersection between Tillary Street and Flatbush Avenue is a highly dangerous place for cars and pedestrians. It has become known to many as the most dangerous intersection in all of New York State. This worrisome distinction for the area stems from recent statistics, which outline that the intersection was responsible for about 425 reported road accident cases over a period of 5 years.

The busy nature of the street can explain why it stands out as one of the most dangerous intersections in NYC for road accidents. Since it is the place where traffic from the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge comes together, it becomes a jumble of speeding cars and hurried pedestrians.

If you are traveling during rush hour, you should look for alternative routes. But if taking a trip through the area is inevitable, be mindful of common road accident hazards. This allows you to mostly stay away from situations that put your safety in jeopardy.


What To Do if You Are Involved in a Road Accident?

While knowing about these dangerous intersections allows you to drive and walk around with an air of caution, there are still chances for you to get involved in an accident.

But no matter which party is at fault, you should make it a point to consider all legal avenues to recover your medical expenses as well as property and personal damages. With the help of a road accident lawyer NYC residents trust with their concerns, you can easily move forward with this otherwise tricky approach.

At Gregory Spektor & Associates, our experienced team of attorneys specializes in handling simple and complex road accident cases with ease. With our knowledge of federal and local traffic laws as well as our expertise in insurance law, we can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your trouble.

We are aware of the leading causes of minor injury due to road crashes. Whether the incident occurred due to issues with safety features, human error, seat belt issues, large trucks, young adults, or others in New York, we are sure to help you with your car accident cases.

To see how our solutions can help you resolve your concerns, do not hesitate to book an appointment with us today. We will be here to offer a free consultation to understand your situation and guide you through to your ideal resolution.


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