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Hurt in a Car Accident? See if You May Be Eligible For a Huge Cash Settlement. If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay!

Wrongful Death in The Family? Contact Our Lawyers

The death and the loss of the life of a loved one is a sad moment for the surviving family members.

When a person’s life is taken wrongfully, the emotional trauma can be devastating and accompanied by a financial impact.

This is why our wrongful death lawyers at Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C., are fully committed to helping people reach a favorable settlement with their wrongful death lawsuits.

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Types of Wrongful Death Accidents Include:

• Vehicular accidents
• Falls
• Poisoning
• Drowning
• Fire-related
• Suffocation
• Firearms related
• Industrial deaths
• Medical malpractice
• Air transport related
• Others

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Deaths?

Filing for a wrongful death claim may seem difficult but the lawyers at Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C. make the process less burdensome.

• Immediate family members that include spouses, biological and adopted children, and parents of unmarried children
• Life partners and putative spouses
• Distant family members
• Financial dependents
• Parents of a deceased fetus (differs from state to state)

We Are Educated and Versed in Wrongful Death

Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C. attorneys are educated and well versed in evaluating wrongful death cases.

If your loved one’s death is caused by another person’s negligence or planned action and the finances of your household are impacted, you have valid elements of a wrongful death case.

Our personal injury lawyers guide you in the fight for justice enabling your family to move on with less stress.

If you live in the neighborhoods of Queens or Nassau County we can help.

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