Defective Products 

Product Liability Categories
Medical devices, vehicles, baby and kids’ products, drugs, chemicals and materials, food, and consumer products are among the commodities that get involved in a wide range of defective product cases. However, liability claims only fall under three categories.

1. The product is defectively manufactured – this is the most obvious type of liability claim. The product involved may be different from the others of the same make which may be caused by an error in production. The consumer is the one who suffers because of this.
2. The product design is faulty – in this type of claim, the entire product line is faulty or poses a danger to its users even when produced according to its specification.
3. Warnings and instruction manuals are inadequately included in the product packaging – in this type of claim, the product involved is improperly labeled, does not come with an instruction for proper use, or has inadequate safety warnings.

Manufacturers want to keep their products safe for public use, but accidents that arise from their negligence do occur. At Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C., our attorneys are committed to providing the buying public with a comprehensive knowledge of their legal rights.

Parties Responsible for Product Liability
The liability for a defective product could rest with any party in its distribution chain. These include:
• The manufacturer of the product
• The manufacturer of its component parts
• The assembler or installer of the product
• The wholesaler
• The retail store where the product was bought

Filing for a defective product lawsuit may seem difficult. If you want to take a legal recourse for injuries that you or a loved one has suffered from a defective product, contact Gregory Spektor & Associates P.C. Our law firm is experienced in assessing defective product accidents and seeking the most advantageous results for clients. If you are located in Queens or Nassau County we can assist you.

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